Gearboxes a complex component of the modern car – few technicians have the skills to work with gearboxes, we have spent years stripping them down and rebuilding both manual and automatic gearboxes with new parts so that they are as good as when came out of the factory.

Simply topping up and changing the oil in the gearbox can help to maximise its life expectancy – ask us for advice on when this should be done.

All gearboxes have a finite life span and depending on how well it is maintained depends on how well it will last thats where we fit in. We can bring your gearbox back to life. All gearbox rebuilding involves removal, stripping of your gearbox for inspection to examine any internal damage, locate issues and then rebuild which includes bearings, gaskets, seals and fluids (clutches for automatics). We only use OE (main dealer) parts.